Why You Should Service Your Suspension Regularly

Motorbikes, like cars, require routine service maintenance to achieve peak efficiency and longevity. Small, overlooked problems can accumulate over time and lead to larger, more costly problems if not properly serviced. And we’re not just thinking about the engine here; we’re talking about all of the components, including the bike suspension.

What is Motorcycle suspension?

The motorcycle suspension is a group of parts and accessories that are responsible for managing the weight on the motorcycle frame. It also aids riders in maintaining balance as the motorcycle encounters bumps and cracks, as well as when braking, turning into corners, and splitting. No matter what the road conditions are, the suspension holds you in your seat and the wheels on the pavement.

The shock on a motorcycle is split into 2 parts: the front suspensions and the back suspension fork tubes (telescopic forks or girder forks), bearings, bushes, springs, and seals make up the front suspension. The back suspension is made up of a swingarm (either single or double-sided), 1 or 2 shock absorbers, a coil-over spring, seal rings, and a spring bumper.

Why is it important to service the motorcycle suspension on a regular basis?

The suspension is one of the most overlooked aspects of a motorcycle. Although the system deteriorates slowly, frequent maintenance is needed to avoid defective suspension. Many of the factors that lead to defective suspension are easily detectable during a routine bike operation. There are some examples:

Oil contamination

The shock, like the motorcycle engine, has oils to lubricate each part and avoid friction. Metal shavings created when the spring compresses and bounces through the fork’s valves which pollute the oil if it is not serviced on a regular basis. Over time, the deposition of these metal shavings will cause the springs to become stuck.

Oil viscosity

The vibration performance of a spring is affected by its viscosity, which helps to restrain its vibration. During maintenance, the viscosity of the oil is measured.

Damaged or loose rubber seal rings

Damaged or loose¬†seals can also be out of place, causing them to slip up and down the valve. Any of these factors may have an effect on the suspension’s movement.

Damaged bushes

Bushes are Teflon-lined rings that act as bearings for the fork stanchions and shock absorbers. It restricts these components from moving in the desired direction. You might not notice the damage in the bushes if you don’t have daily service.

Owing to the high amount of pressure it experiences on a regular basis, experts recommend that a race bike’s suspension be serviced every 20 hours, especially enzo racing motocross suspension and the likes. Track bikes, on the other hand, are perfect with at least an annual service. Road riders must maintain the suspension of their motorcycles once or twice a year, based on mileage and road conditions.

It is critical to service motorcycle suspension because it keeps you secure and your motorcycle performing at its peak. A basic oil replacement or seal change is insufficient. Find a service provider that can fully disassemble all of the components and inspect them one by one. You can only have a well-serviced motorcycle if you do this.

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