Who Said Men Can’t Wear Jewellery?

The sparkling 60-carat diamond-crusted drop earrings, the eye-catching Mother of Pearl necklace, the 18-carat gold bracelet, the 24.78-carat Graff pink diamond ring – all these jewellery have been associated with women for the longest time. In fact, a woman’s outfit won’t be complete without any jewellery. Then again, this does not necessarily mean that jewellery is designed and crafted for women alone. As the fashion world continuously innovates, so does the jewellery. Nowadays, even men can wear jewellery; however, men should be careful in doing so. A simple mistake can ruin a dashing gentleman’s outfit. Here are some tips to keep in mind for men who intend to wear jewellery.

Keep it S-I-M-P-L-E

Yes, you read that right. It has been a known fact that women love extravagant and luxurious jewellery. The more diamond stones, the better. However, for men, it is best to keep jewellery simple. Maintaining a toned-down look enhances the level of sophistication for men. A classic leather watch is a good jewellery piece to start with. Once you pull this off, you can start expanding to other pieces like tie accessories and cufflinks. If you want, adding a simple necklace can further enhance your outfit.

Choose the Right Material

Although the materials for women’s jewellery are commonly gemstones, the best materials for men’s jewellery are metal. Similarly, gold and silver tones match both genders. The gold tone jewellery for men is best matched with a brown or earth-tone outfit. Deep hues such as royal blue also match well with gold. However, you should be meticulous with the shade of gold that you desire as gold jewellery often comes in either dark or light shades. The silver tone jewellery, on the other hand, presents a neutral and a lighter shade compared to the gold tone jewellery. These are best matched with a black or dark grey outfit to achieve a sleek look. However, the trend nowadays presents jewellery for men that are made from tungsten. To keep up with the trend, read more about it on https://etrnl.com.au/.

Dress Codes

To achieve that specific look that you desire, you should be aware of when and where is the proper time and place to wear your jewellery. Remember, jewellery for men are not meant to be shown off. Although they can serve as conversation starters, men should keep it downplayed. A good example is business meetings. The business world, in fact, restricts the use of any pieces of jewellery for men. Although women are allowed to have some, it should also be toned down to a few pieces. Keep in mind that a business meeting is not the proper place for you to show off your jewellery, as your investors might only be turned off by this gesture. Then again, if you are headed to formal parties, one or two jewellery pieces will suffice. For instance, a classic watch and cufflinks can best suit your coat and tie. However, if you desire a casual look, you can even opt to go for an ear piercing.

Although some may regard jewellery as part of women’s wear, men can also wear one. Consider these tips and you will never go wrong with men’s fashion with regard to jewellery.

Delsie Leff

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