What Is Medical Negligence and How Do You Make A Medical Negligence Claim?

Medical negligence happens when a health care professional does not adhere to the standards of their profession and thereby cause harm or injury to their patient. Medical negligence, sometimes known as medical malpractice can happen in many ways from misdiagnosis to incorrect treatment methods. Medical negligence clams can sometimes be complicated so if you are wondering how to make a claim or have any doubts about the process, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about it.

What Are the Most Common Cases of Medical Negligence?

One of the most common medical negligence cases include misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose where the healthcare professional mistakes your illness for another illness with similar symptoms. Another case is prescription errors. A patient is treated in a wrong medication, wrong dose or not made aware of the side effects of the medication they are given. Childbirth errors is another common case in medical malpractice.

These cases put both the mother and the infant in danger. Negligence in childbirth practices can lead to complications such as foetal distress, spinal cord injuries and postpartum haemorrhage. Another malpractice case is surgical errors; including irresponsible practices such as inappropriate incision site, mistaken surgical procedure site or leaving an external object (like a surgical sponge or gauze) inside the body. Anaesthesia errors are also a commonly known case and can be dangerous. Especially if the anaesthesia is not administered right, it can be delay to the patient.

How to Make A Claim?

The very first thing you have to do is prove that your health care professional was at fault and that it caused you an injury or a harm. In order to proceed with this, you can consult a solicitor specialised in medical negligence Victoria and know if you are qualified to have a legal claim. You will also need the necessary documents such as medical reports by an expert to prove you were a victim of medical malpractice as well as the documents that have recorded that treatment

Why Do You Need A Medical Examination?

Most of the time the answer to this is yes. Medical evidence is needed to continue with the case. You will be needing to eat an expert medical professional to evaluate your injuries and the extend of them. They can also assess the treatment you received that caused you an injury and will see how it impacted your life. Having the opinion of a medical expert is ways helpful when you are trying to make a medical negligence claim.

How Much Can You Claim or What Are the Benefits You Are Entitled To?

The amount you can claim always depend on many factors. These include, the extend of the injury, the expenses you had to bear for that particular treatment, the expenses you will have to bear in future to treat your injury or condition as well as the other care needs you will be needing in future. If you faced a permanent injury or a disability, with the help of a lawyer you can structure your claim to rightfully maximise your benefits.

How Long Does Cases Take?

Just like the befits you will receive; the length of the entire process will depend on your case. However, you can always speed up the process by hiring a well reputed and an experienced solicitor to help you.

Before you make a claim for medical negligence, it is better to know all these factors you need to know so that you will not be facing complications with legal work.

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