Ways to Speed Up and Make the Most of Your Internet Connection

Slow internet connection is one of the most common problems by almost everyone living in this digital age. The internet has a great function in our daily lives – from communication, browsing, shopping, entertainment, studying, and many more. Having a slow internet connection can definitely get us down especially when we use it a lot for our day to day activities.

If you’re reading this article, you are probably one of those who are looking for ways on how to speed up their connection. You’re in luck because here are some of the best yet easy to do tricks to make your internet speed faster than before.

Reset the Router

One of the simplest things you can do to fix internet connection issues is to give your router a break. Resetting them even just once a month refreshes your connection and fixes some speed issues you might be experiencing. However, if you have serious connection speed problems, you might want to consider resetting the router every day. Although it won’t make your connection super-fast but it sure helps.

Check the Data Cap

Another common cause of slow internet speed is the data cap. Obviously, this is not usually advertised by internet service providers but they sure have an effect on your connection. Data cap refers to the amount of data you can use for a certain time – whether it is a day, week or month depending on your internet subscription. When you exceed your data allocation, the ISP will limit your usage by making your internet speed slower. If you notice that you’re always exceeding the data limit, it is best to get a plan with more data allocation.

Use Ethernet

While most people use Wi-Fi these days, nothing beats the quality and speed of cabled connections. With an Ethernet connection, the signal is sent to your device through a cable making its transmission more efficient and reliable. If you’re planning to switch to Ethernet, connect all your essential devices into it such as your desktop computer, TV, or gaming console.

Aside from better speed, cabled connections are also more secured than wireless ones, making it safer for you when doing banking transactions online. Consult an expert in home support to setup internet to get the best deal that suits your needs.

Install a Malware or Virus Scanner

It is essential to have scanner software installed in your computer. In some cases, viruses and malwares that lurk in your computer are the major cause of your slow internet speed. Get good software and conduct a regular scan on your PC to get rid of these threats that affect your browsing experience. If nothing is found in the scan yet your internet speed is still slow, consult a professional computer technician to solve your network issues.

Slow internet speed can be quite a hassle especially when you need it to meet your daily priorities. Try out these tricks first and consult a technician if it’s still not resolved.

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