Unique Baby Gift Ideas to Impress New Parents

No idea what to give new parents that they can actually find some use for and also be really appreciative? Here are some great gift ideas to make an impression:

Personalised Crib Gear

New parents get showered with blankies, cloth napkins, crib sheets, and all sorts of fabrics for the new nursery. Make your gift stand out above the rest with some personalisation. You can, for example, get customised baby blanket products with the newborn’s name etched on.

There are many more ideas, such as onesies with the newborn’s name. Also, you can get custom print designs, like storybook pillow cases. The options are so many to make a soon-to-be-mom go “wow.”

Fun Mobiles

Why not get the new bundle of joy a mobile with hanging monkeys, sloths, or an accurate representation of the solar system? These would certainly stand out from the rest. The new parents would definitely have to hang one of these.

Branded Onesies

There are many onesie designs to choose from. But if you want your gift to be memorable, make sure you buy a branded onesie. There are major fashion brands to choose from. But you can also go for franchise brands, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings onesies with cute catchphrases printed across.

Handmade Rattles

Who needs plastic rattles? Give an eco-friendly and a highly playable gift with a handmade rattle. These rattles are usually made from fabrics so they are perfectly safe for the baby. Soft products may suit small children than hard plastic or metals. They rattle, as they should, but the child can chew on them too.

Designer Baby Bags

The mommy or daddy would definitely be in need of one of these. Unlike the rather unfashionable cheaper versions, designer bottle bags are stylish and highly practical. A new parent can definitely have more than one, so your gift would be appreciated.

Personalised Jewellery for the Mom

It’s not just the newborn that needs showers of gifts, the mommy does too. As an “adult” gift, try jewellery like pendants and bracelets with engravings. You can also use symbolism that emphasize her new role as a parent, like mother and baby elephant pendants.

Stroller and Car Seat Toys

Parents buy tons of toys for their bundles of joy. But how may buy toys that can entertain their kids when they are inside strollers or car seats? These toys are definitely a thing to buy. They can be attached to baby carriers to keep the child entertained and educated throughout a trip.

Bucket Bibs

Bucket bibs are so called because they come with a bin-shaped bottom that collects crumbs and spills. Useful doesn’t even begin to describe this type of gift.

Organic and Foodie Teethers

Time flies. The newborn would be teething soon. Instead of cheap plastic teethers with who-knows-what in them, get 100 percent natural latex or fabric teethers in fun shapes. For example, did you know there are super food teethers out there, with shapes like avocados, eggs, and kale?

Fabric teethers are made from cotton. These teethers are very soft and stimulate the child’s gums without causing harm. Also, kids can use fabric teethers as soft toys to play with as well. Double the fun.

Consider your budget. And then choose any one or two toys from the list above to gift the new mom or dad.

Delsie Leff

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