Understanding myotherapy and physiotherapy: a guide on choosing what is best for you

If you think that you need physical therapy to better face your life with a healthy body or to be more productive in the task that you do in using your body, it is important that you find the right type of physical therapy for you.

Depending on the type of the lifestyle that you live, the kind of activities you do such as the sports that you are involved and the type of the care that you want to give to your physique, choosing the right form of physical therapy is of absolute importance. A tough decision that most of us have to make is to decide if you’re getting physiotherapy or myotherapy. Before you go ahead and choose the kind of physical therapy that you want to continue so that you can overcome the physical complications or limitations that you are facing or perform better and any kind of sport activity, it is important to identify what physiotherapy is and what myotherapy is. Creating this understanding is the best way to choose the right type of physical therapy all of your requirements:


If you are dealing with chronic musculoskeletal condition, a major injury that you are looking to recover from or if you are looking to enhance your performance in a given sport or an activity in the long term, treatments of physiotherapy is what you are looking for.

Physiotherapy will also provide treatment for general physical conditions such as muscle tightness so that you can recover from it fast. How special feature of physiotherapy are is that it will come with specialisation. For example, if you are looking to enhance your physical capabilities or to enhance your recovery as you are in the field of sports, you can get specialised treatments from a sports physiotherapist. In addition to that, a physiotherapist therapist is capable of diagnosing your conditions and recommending physical therapy such as dry needling on stretching exercises along with exercises that you want to do as homework.


If you are looking for a physical treatment that treats you general without going into any specialisation, you can choose myotherapy. Myotherapy is an excellent way to deal with everyday discount fat and muscle tightness in the body. Even if you are looking for a way to relax while getting your muscles are relaxed through myotherapy, look for a certified massage therapist to provide you with these treatments.

A myotherapist can also provide their treatments with a wide range of techniques such as dry needling and stretching.

Always find certified professionals

Whether you are getting physiotherapy or myotherapy, the one thing that you should be considered about is finding certified professionals to provide you with the treatment of choice. Always request for the certification as a myotherapist or a physiotherapist so as to make sure that they have had the proper training and that they are professionals in the field.

You can also check the reviews of your physiotherapist or myotherapist before making your decision.

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