Types of Pressure Washer Trailers You Can Buy

If you are looking to buy a pressure washer, there are a few factors to consider. One of the first things you have to think about is the power source. This is because the power source has a big impact on the mobility, maintenance and running costs of the machine. You can find three power sources for pressure washers. They are electric, diesel and petrol.

Electric pressure washers will have different amperages depending on what your requirement is. However, you will require a power cable for an electric pressure washer which can be a disadvantage as it can restrict the movement. These electric pressure washers are ideal in areas that call for minimal disturbance as these tend to be quiet and there are no fumes to contend with. It is quite safe to use them indoors. Most petrol pressure washer trailers have four wheels which make them a lot easy to manoeuvre and they are not restricted by the power source like electric pressure washers are. You can use these trailers remotely and move them around quite freely.  But because they are carrying their own fuel in the form of petrol, these pressure washers tend to be quite heavy. And in instances where they are being used remotely, they will be carrying a water supply as well. Therefore, the trailer needs to be able to bear all that weight. While petrol pressure washers have a lower initial cost, the maintenance required long term can be more. In this case, a diesel pressure washer is better for a regular cleaning operation. They can be more cost effective long term.

Fuel efficiency is one of the main benefits of diesel pressure washers even given the high initial purchase cost. They also have a higher flow rate and they are overall more powerful engines than the electric and the petrol types. The trailer mounted pressure washers can be found commonly in mining, earthmoving industries. There are hot water and cold water machines. But when it comes to diesel pressure washers, they are found more frequently as hot water machines. Diesel pressure washers are very heavy therefore, the trailer should be built for enduring a higher load.

Another thing you have to consider when selecting pressure washers are whether you are going for a hot water or cold water unit. The location that you will be cleaning will be a deciding factor when picking one of the options. Cold water machines are popular as they have a low initial cost. This is not the case for hot water pressure washers as they have a burner or a heating coil that will generate the heated water. Cold water machines are easier to manoeuvre as they are made quite smaller. And you can clean loose paint, mildew or hardened dirt with cold water. Hot water is required for instances where you want to clean greasy or oily substances. If you’re using a cold water machine to for greasy surfaces, you will need to use chemicals or other accessories. Hot water cleaning will also be quite faster than the cold water machines. And you will save up on costs in the long term usage as you don’t need to buy chemicals and other tools that will be needed for tougher cleaning jobs.

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