Tips to Consider When Buying A New Sofa

Choosing the right sofa can be tricky. It might seem easy at first, but when you start trying to match the sofas with your criteria, it will only get more difficult. So, take your time to analyse each of the below factors to prevent unnecessary waste of time.

Try Before You Buy

With all of us shopping online for almost everything, you might consider buying a sofa online too. However, it is still better if you can test the sofa before you buy because the sofa you buy has to last longer at your home. You must feel comfortable sitting or lying on it. Other than that, your sofa must be of a good quality. So, it is a bit hard to check for these features when buying a sofa online. It is okay to spend more time trying out different types of sofas before you choose one.


You have plenty of choices when selecting a sofa. There are a variety of colours, patterns and also neutral sofas. So, it is important to choose an upholstery fabric which will have a huge impact on your living room or the space in which you are expecting to use the sofa. Neutral materials tend to fade in strong sunlight so it is better to go for a synthetic fabric if your sofa will be near a window. Additionally, you have to select a fabric that is easy to clean if you have children or pets.


This might seem easy but make sure you carefully measure the space you are willing to keep your sofa. It is more annoying and time wasting if you buy a sofa and then find out that it doesn’t perfectly fit your space. Check out to see a selection of various sizes of sofas to fit your needs.  If you are buying a pre-assembled sofa make sure to measure the door frame size also. If not, you won’t be able to take your sofa inside.


Go all the way to select a high-quality frame. You won’t incur any losses if you do so even if you spend high price. A solid hardwood frame is a good choice but also check the quality of the metals if there are any. It is better if you can buy a sofa from a manufacturer who ensures at least 15-year guarantee. It is also important to decide whether you need a sectional or stand- alone sofa. This depends on your selected space and personal preferences.


The inside of a sofa is just as important as the outside. Sofas with feather-filled cushions are very comfortable but such sofas require consistent plumping. Foam or fibre stuffing may cause the cushion to flatten out and lose shape over time. So, buying a sofa with a combination of both feather and foam would be the best solution. Intention for the space

Hope the above factors are useful and try your best to check these components and choose the best sofa you desire.

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