Tips to Choose Accessories for An Outfit

Whether we are fashionistas or not matching accessories to our outfits is a struggle we all have gone through at one point in our lives. This is because we always worry about coordinating colours, struggle between style and functionality and sometimes worry about social myths about fashion. So, if you are someone who faces any of these worries, take a look at the following to find out the solutions for them.

Choosing Larger Pieces

When it comes to choosing statement jewellery, don’t wear more than 3-4. A few statement bangles or bracelets together or two or three statement necklaces together too can give your outfit a busy and an overwhelming appearance. Instead, pick one or two that goes with what you are wearing. One statement necklace with a bracelet or a large bracelet with a pair of earrings would be enough when you are using large jewellery.

Handbag, Belt and Shoes Rule

There is an unspoken rule that most women follow which says that our handbags, shoes and belts need to be of the same shade. However, modern fashion gurus often reject this idea. Instead if tiring yourself out trying to find accessories that are of the same shade, what you can do is trying to match accessories that are different shades of the same colour or accessories that are of complementary but contrasting colours. Belts, handbags/ clutch purses and shoes that are of neutral shades too would be the perfect accessory matching.

Avoid Too Many Colours

Too many colours – like too many accessories – can be too hard on the eye. If you are opting for bright colours or cultural/ ethnic accessories that have a lot of colours/ threads and beads, then match them with more toned down or neutral shades. Matching brighter coloured accessories with bright clothing can make a very messy fashion statement. Instead, balance out the colours of your accessories with natural or less bright colours or vice versa.

Bracelets, Rings and Work

While bracelets are becoming a popular alternative to bangles, they are not the best accessory to wear if you are someone who spend the day typing or any other work that rewires you to use your hands a lot – like cooking, hair dressing etc.

Especially bracelets or rings with a lot of details or intricate patterns can get tangled in the keyboard or on hair. This can either destroy your favourite bracelet or the hairdo you have been trying for a good few minute. So, when matching your hand jewellery, make sure to pick ones that do not get in your way.

Whenever you are matching your accessories, think of these tips and make sure you are making the right choice. It is not always about dressing beautiful but also about dressing sharp and smart. So, whether you are picking your jewellery, handbag or shoes give it a good consideration before wearing. This can avoid a lot of discomforts, mismatching and an overall sloppy look. Remember to always present yourself the right way to make a good first impression.

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