Things To Do When Booking Your Next Hair Appointment

Back in the day and by that, I mean pre Covid which does feel like a long time ago walk ins at hair salons were still allowed and if it was an off-peak time of the day there was a chance you could almost immediately get your hair cut done.

However, planning and scheduling is key, since hair salons provide a personalized service that require them to be quite close to you, they need to plan out their day before you come in. so in keeping with the guidelines and changes that have taken place over the last couple of months, here are some things to do before booking your next appointment.

Book the appointment in advance

If it is a well-known and busy hair salon, they need to know you are coming in, in advance and just like you there are plenty of people who need to get their hair done too so the competition to schedule your appointment is high. If it is a busy place call and confirm a few days or at least a day in advance at a time that is convenient to you and available to them.

Be on time

A hair salon is one place that tardiness is not appreciated. Since everyone is on a tight schedule while also having to maintain social distancing and certain guidelines, they need things to work to function like clockwork. Therefore, one late appointment can set the entire day off schedule, hence why it is important to book your appointment at a time that is convenient to you too.

Know what you want

You are always advised to seek consultation from your stylist before having a haircut. As professionals they are able to tell you what will suit your face and hair treatment required. However, you cannot go in completely clueless and waste time deciding.

Have a few styles in mind or be confident in what you want and if you have to have a quick chat with your stylist before getting to work. There are a number of places such as Hemisphere hair salon where they will be able to provide you with necessary hair care and guidelines.

Come prepared

Hair salons do much more than simply chop off hair, so if you are coming in for different reasons such for hair colouring, waxing or any other reason come pre-pared. For colouring you need to shampoo and clean your hair prior. Do not walk in with greasy hair and expect them not to be irritated.

Be patient in general

A number of things could make your hair appointment take long, busy days, long procedures or just waiting for your colour to set in. be patient and bring something to do with you. Many people keep magazines with them. So, bring a book or even make sure your phone is charged because your hour at the hair salon could become a few hours, either the way it is worth it once you come out.

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