The Complete Jean Guide You Need

Jeans appear frequently in all our outfits. It is versatile; convenient and some even find it comfortable. The different shades of blue and black can be worn in a number of ways and the best thing about it? It does not require frequent washing. However, jeans come in various styles and cuts, some you may already be aware of and some you have heard about but aren’t quite sure. Below is a complete jean guide including the different styles and cuts.

Skinny leg jeans

This particle style is commonly known and owned by both men and women. This is when the material is made to stick to the wearer’s legs from the waist to the ankle. Made of a stretchy material, it is said to make the jeans easy to put and take off. Given the mini dance we all do to pull a pair of skinny leg jeans up to our waist, we’re not sure if that particular goal is achieved. However, they make your curves look great and can be dressed up or down.

Straight leg jeans

Perfect for that smart casual look, straight leg jeans maintain shape from the waist to the ankles. They do not cling to your legs and are most definitely comfortable in comparison to the skinny leg jeans. These too can be dressed depending on the occasion and keep up that polished, casual yet elegant look.

Wide leg jeans

Not really what you call a bootleg and obviously broader than the straight leg, wide leg jeans are perfect for petite figures as it adds some flare and shape. This style is widely available in all denim brands and cities. If you are looking for a particular brand such as Levis Sydney and other big cities have outlets you can get them from.

Bootleg jeans

Flaring out just at the ankles, these jeans give off that cowgirl vibe. Typically worn with ankle boots and tucked in shirts, bootleg jeans can be dressed up or down.

High rise jeans

These jeans begin at the waist and cover almost up to the belly button. Commonly worn in the 80s and 90s, high-rise jeans have made a comeback. They work wonders for smaller made girls by adding shape and making legs appear longer. High-waist jeans can be worn with tucked in shirts or crop tops.

Midrise jeans

Midrise jeans sit between the hips and waist and are about an inch lower your bellybutton. These too are commonly worn regardless of the cut of the jeans. Anything can be worn with mid- rise jeans from shirts to blouses, tucked in or worn out.

Low rise jeans

While this was a trend back in the early 2000s, low-rise jeans aren’t as widely worn now. If you like showing off your abs or belly piercing these are definite options for you.

As an additional tip if you are the type of person who lives in jeans, trying getting some in different shades of blue extends your clothing options and outfits.

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