The Basics Of Power Actuated Tools

There are a lot of tools in the market designed to perform a prolonged function for construction and manufacturing. Construction work from heavy to light work stations it still can be hectic and time- consuming in general, but with different types of tools have come to make the job easier. One of the must-have tools for you if your taking up a construction work be it your home or it is for your job, then its surely is the power actuated tools also known as direct fastener tools, this tool helps in both heavy-duty work and lightweight work. Fixing has been made easier throughout the time frames with this tool in the market progressively well known for attaching wood ledges to solid floors and wood furring strips to poured and square concrete walls. They are usually made from high quality hardened steel.

What Does It Do?

Power actuated tools the name itself gives you an idea, there are different power actuated tools that are available to perform various tasks, but these tools are a form of a nail gun, that is used to nail one object to another such as steel or concrete. The technology in these depends on detonating a charge and utilizing the subsequent gas strain to drive a nail and fastened the objects. Sometimes to even drill in walls, this tool comes effective.


There are mainly two kinds of power activated gears that are in use, they are;

High-Velocity Type Tools – The propellant straightly acts on the fastener.

Low- Velocity Type Tools – The propellant turns on a piston, the other end of which acts on the fastener.

Powder actuated tools come in several types such as single-shot, semi-automatic type, manually fed where you load fasteners and cartridges manually and completely automatic form where both fasteners and cartridges are automatically loaded), etc.

With many to choose from end to end in the business different brands shows up with a modern touch every day. But why hassle around picking a fastening tool when you have experts to help you out? Get quality products in a one-stop-shop with a reliable service, our professional team is ready to help you anytime. Bring your discussion at our table we will be waiting.

the power actuated tools are effective in finishing our job for us, but like any other tool, power actuated tools regardless of its size can cause harm to you or anyone around if it is not used properly and proper precautions aren’t taken before activating them.

Here are some safety precautions you should follow;

Use The Tool At Right Angles To The Work Surface

Remember to wear eye gloves and cover your eyes and also don’t use the tool directly with the eye level.

Check The Tool Regularly

Many tend to ignore checking the surface of the tool before starting the job, make sure to clean the fasteners and the tool before starting to avoid complications later.

Do not use the tool where flammable or explosive vapors, dust or similar substances are present.

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