Steps to Plan a Valentine’s Dinner at Home

Valentine’s day is about spending quality time together so maybe this time you want to avoid the chaos of the city, having to book at the last minute and depend on there being places available. It’s not about picking the fanciest restaurant or getting the most expensive jewellery. It’s about the thought and effort you put into the day. Therefore, we give you 5 simple steps to organize a romantic dinner at home:

Create the atmosphere

The most important thing when you are decorating is the candles and the music. Make sure you have enough candles and a playlist of cute songs perfect for the occasion. If you want something even more romantic, you can leave some rose petals on the floor of the room. Light scented candles all over the room and dinner table. Make sure to include ‘your’ song in the playlist so that you could slow dance to it later into the night.

Make sure you set the table:  

Make sure you have good crockery and cutlery to serve the dishes in their best presentation, as well as glasses to serve the wine. If you have any dishes that you use only on special occasions, this is the time to pull them all out! Additionally, you can put a small vase with a rose on the table to decorate. Flowers are always a decoration that beautifies any place.

Plan the menu

The food needs to be served hot and so will have to be cooked during the celebration. Hence prepare something easy such as spaghetti. Prep everything so that all you have to do is mix the spaghetti with the sauce and heat it up. If you like, you can get your partner to help with the cooking. It will be romantic to cook together.

Do not pick difficult food to make such as lasagne or food that takes time to cook such as steak. The basis of many of the best dishes is choosing the finest and most select ingredients so ensure you use quality ingredients for this special dinner. You can order fruit platters online for snacks, some wine and ice-cream or a simple pudding for dessert.

Plan some activities

You have the entire night to yourselves so plan some romantic activities. Give each other massages, watch a movie, sing karaoke or even do some board games. It’s always fun to engage with each other and do stuff you both love. You can take it up a notch and camp in your garden. Build a cosy tent, put some pillows and flowers in there and spend time together. The options are endless. Remember to switch off your phones so that you can spend quality time with no distractions.

Add a surprise gift

You can still gift your partner something apart of the dinner. Flowers, jewellery, chocolates and the other staples can never go wrong. Or, lay out a new outfit for him or her up in the bedroom so they could go change and join you straight for dinner.

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