Some Tips to Study Effectively

Any student would like to do their best in their studies, but the problem is many can’t keep their focus or don’t know the technique to study.

Different people have a different way of studying some are good at using visual cues to study, some are good at audible cues and some use both. So, finding what you are good at is very important. Ask yourself few questions do you remember better with pictures or do you remember better when you listen or read out loud. Once you figure that out the rest is easy.

Plan what you have to study.

Planning your activity is important, as the famous saying goes failing to plan is planning to fail. Go through your lecture materials, syllabus and write down the topics you have for each subject and define a goal. Say for example you want to finish this many topics by the end of the month, using this as a guide plan out your month using a planner NZ stationery stores offer variety of planners that will fit your needs. But this can be quite hard for someone who may be just starting out, then what you can do is set small goals for each day. Write down how much you want to finish for a day and do your best to finish it.

Prepare a nice environment

A beautiful environment can stimulate good mood, which can improve your focus and concentration. If you are studying at home, tidy your desk and room and then sit down to study.

Prepare good lighting in the area you study. Dim lighting can put one to sleep and if you have the ability to adjust the temperature in the room, keep it at a level that is not too hot or cold, something at which you feel comfortable. Open up the windows in your room to let the air circulate.

Keep all your distractions away

One of the main distractions for those studying is the mobile phone. We are too addicted to social media, always checking the news feed or chatting with someone. A lot of time is wasted on this device. To make sure you work at your optimum keep your phone away, if possible, in a place where it is difficult for you to reach for example in another room. This way you can’t see your phone and you won’t be tempted to use it.

Make notes or draw pictures

Another way to improve your studying is to make notes or mind maps. Don’t passively read your text, once you have read your text, try to explain it to yourself in the simplest form, don’t reiterate what’s there in the book and write down key points in a note or use some form of method to put down what you have learnt, this may be in a picture form or a text form.

Active recall

It is human nature to forget, so in order for you to retain the information you have learnt keep recalling it often, you can test yourself and remember what you have learnt, this way you can engrave it in your memory.

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