Repairs You Can Do Around Your Home to Give It A Subtle Facelift and Upgrade

If your home is feeling a little unloved and outdated, then giving it an upgrade is definitely worth your time and money. However, if you don’t have much to spend, then these 5 small repairs of your home will instantly make it feel upgraded a more loved…

Squeaky Doors Don’t Squeak

There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky door; a clear sign that your home needs a little attention for sure. To make sure this doesn’t get out of hand, test all doors and hinges and oil it at the same time to get rid of the squeak. These include your doors, windows, cupboards, kitchen pantry cabinets and even your bathroom cabinets. Almost every local hardware store should provide you with the oil for this purpose.

Sudden Bursts of Water Are Not Fun

Whether it’s your kitchen sink, your washbasin’s tap in your bathroom, or even your shower head, if it’s letting out sudden bursts of water or leaking it’s going to be annoying. First, make sure it’s nothing to do with the water pressure. Then, consider how long it has been since you last updated your water fixtures, and give it the upgrade it deserves. At the same time, pay attention to see if your shower area is building mould. Getting rid of these mould with the help of shower repairs Melbourne based professionals will surely give your entire bathroom a facelift.

Loose and Removed Knobs Are Not Part of the Décor

So you’ve gotten rid of the squeakiness of the hinges. Now how about the knobs? Loose knobs or knobs that have come off but never got reinstalled is a sure way to make your home feel outdated and under loved. Go about reinstalling your knobs where ever needed. If you feel your knobs are looking a little old fashioned, remember that replacing them yourself is pretty easy, and it’s a sure way to give your home a new feeling without really doing any drastic changes.

Struggling With the Toilet Lever Is Not Entertaining

Perhaps since the toilet is one place in our home that receives the most amount of usage, the repairs you could do for it is more in number. Now that you have fixed or updated your bathroom fixtures, you will surely be feeling the difference. Next check out your toilet. If your toilet has the old fashioned lever as opposed to the newer buttons, chances are that it may be a little loose or even completely broken. The funny thing is, we learn to adjust to these little repairs and don’t even remember how it used to be before…until we have visitors coming over; struggling to use it. Avoid the embarrassment get your lever fixed…!

Old Switches and Power Outlets Are Never Fashionable

This final tip is not necessarily a repair; but something that will definitely contribute to making your home more updated. Consider when it was that you last updated your light switches as well as your wall power sockets. There are plenty of modern designs you can choose from to instantly make your home feel like a whole new place. Updating your wall sockets not only makes you home feel newer; it also makes charging things so much easier…

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