Playful Ways to Style-Up Your Leggings

Leggings is one of the basic wardrobes staple every woman should have. It is comfortable, stylish versatile as well. Leggings can be worn with almost any top as long as it suits the occasion – from casual day wear, workout wear, night out, and even when going to work. Having several pieces of leggings in your wardrobe can actually make it easier to put together an outfit ensemble that suits where you’re going.

When styling up your leggings, being creative actually helps a lot. There are no fixed rules on what pieces you could wear with leggings so it is up to you to experiment which of them look good together. If you’re looking for some tips to achieve a playful and fun outfit ensemble with your leggings, here are some tips you could try out.

Play With Patterns and Prints

A lot of people opt for plain black or neutral leggings because they are easy to mix and match with any clothing piece. However, you could actually wear patterned or printed leggings if you want to. Printed and cute pattern leggings are actually stylish and funky, making it perfect to stay stylish even on a casual day.

When wearing patterned leggings, be sure to pair it with plain or understated tops and footwear. Let the leggings get the viewer’s attention with its fun patterns and prints. Loud statement accessories look great with patterned leggings as well, giving you a flashy look.

Wear with a Dress

Another way to wear leggings in a fun way is to wear it under a dress. It is perfect for those who love the style of a mini dress but wants more coverage on the legs. You could also wear it with a knee length dress for a dressy style.

Be sure that the dress and leggings doesn’t have the same colour or your outfit would look flat. If the dress is printed or has many designs on it, you could go for solid colour leggings so the pieces don’t clash. It also works in reverse – patterned leggings look great with a plain dress. The same thing applies when you wear leggings with a skirt rather than a dress.

Pair it With Shorts

Lastly, you could also create a casual and stylish look by pairing leggings with shorts. This style looks great when paired with a fitted top and layered with a jacket. When trying out this style, it is best to choose patterned leggings and pairing it with denim, white, or black shorts so they complement each other. Be sure that the shorts are just the right fit so it blends well with the leggings. Choose a casual footwear that looks great with the overall outfit, whether flat, sandals, or sneakers.

Styling leggings can be tricky at first especially if you’re still new in experimenting with this clothing piece. However, there are actually plenty of ways to style it up and it all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Delsie Leff



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