Organic Food or Conventionally Grown Food? What Is the Difference?

Organic food, also known as biological food or ecological food are referred to the food items made using natural farming methods. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used during organic farming which would not only help human being but also the environment in which we live in.Using chemical fertilizers may harm the biodiversity, ecosystems, soil health and many more components of the environment which will all be reduced when practicing organic farming methods.

In the present times organic food items are in great demand mainly due to its health benefits and many countries such the United States of America, Europe, Japan and Mexico have taken measures to make it compulsory for farmers to obtain a certificate prior to labelling their food items as organic in order to maintain the quality of the products.

When and how did it start?

The use of organic farming had initially started in the West during the early years of the 20th century. Sir Albert Howard, F.H. King and Rudolf Steiner were some of the pioneers in this development. Theyhad believed that using compost, manure and biological pesticides are a better approach to farming than using chemicals.

Having worked as an agricultural researcher India, Sir Albert Howard was perhaps influenced by the various biological methods used by the natives in India when farming. Using biological practices when framing was further promoted with the publication of certain magazines and articles related to organic farming.

Different types of organic food items

Organic food does not only include fresh fruits and vegetables but also meat products, dairy products and even processed food items. Organic meat items are produced by feeding the livestock with organic food items which arefree from hormones and other chemicals and by preventing diseases using natural methods rather than administering antibiotics and other medications.

Tea cultivation using organic methods has also become quite popular in the recent times. Tea obtained using such methods can be used to make organic chai tea and other related products.Similar to fruits and vegetables, organic tea leaves are made without the use of any chemicals during the production process.

Benefits of consuming organic food

There are various benefits of consuming organic food items since they are free from harmful chemicals and full of antioxidants. Use of pesticides during farming have found to increase the risk of developing diseases such as breast cancer, leukemia, prostate cancers and even brain tumours which means consuming organic food will lower the risk of developing such diseases. Not only that consuming organic food items may even result in the decrease of developing allergies and obesity. 

Studies show that nutrients were about 50% higher in organic meat and dairy products when compared with those that are made using conventional methods. Other than these, the farmers are said to have certain financial benefits when producing organic food items.  They are also said to be fresher than food items made using conventional methods as they preservatives have not been used upon them in order to make them last longer. Hence it is clear that organic food items are not only good for the health but also to the environment.

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