Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing an Event

Events are massive projects that bring together people, finances and resources and hence they need to be planned out carefully so that the right purpose is met. It can be a stressful task and you might easily miss certain aspects and make mistake. Here are some major mistakes you need to avoid.

Leave Everything Until the Last Moment

One of the best ways to avoid mistakes is to anticipate them, that is, planning it all out. Always plan a minimum of one or two months in advance, with regard to a small event. To plan a bigger event like a wedding, you need ten or twelve months for everything to go perfectly.

If you leave something for the last moment you might forget it or that it cannot be done just as you wanted. Maybe the restaurant, banquet hall or garden you wanted is no longer available. So, you need to make a list from the beginning with everything you need and go step by step, solving each task, starting with the most essential.

Not Knowing the Number of Guests

This is one of the first things you must define. If you don’t know how many guests will attend, how do you plan to find a location, or know how much food and drinks you need? Imagine that you rent a garden and your guests are so many that they do not fit in it.

Or you bought thank you gift boxes online for guests but now there’s a few short, it would be a disaster! So first of all, make your final guest list. It will be difficult to add more people later on so keep a window of about 10 guests extra at any event to keep you on the safe side.

Bad Location of The Event

When you think about where the event will take place, don’t think only about yourself, but about the comfort of your guests. Within these points there are certain things you should not do. First is choosing a venue without parking. If the room or garden you chose does not have parking, then look for a place that has a parking lot nearby, you will not want your guests to have to leave their car far away and then walk towards it.

Second mistake will be choosing a place far away: If you plan to do your event outside the city, do not overdo it, keep in mind that not everyone will want to travel by car more than 5 hours, or if you really want to do it, inform them in advance so that they can confirm their presence. Third is choosing an area with low level of security: You should not only think about the comfort of your guests, but also about their safety.

Lack of Communication and Information

When it comes to organizing events, there will always be doubts or misunderstandings on the part of your guests, so it is best to provide complete information from the start. Specify everything through the invitation. You must specify the type of clothing, time, place, if they can carry children or not, etc., everything you need to report.

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