How to Spruce Up Your Office Space

A place of work needs to have a certain look and feel that keeps everyone motivated and urged to work and achieve set targets. Firstly the workers themselves need to feel comfortable both physically and emotionally when at the work place. Remember that five out of the seven days (for some people even 6 out of 7 days) are spent at the office, even more time than spent at home. It is the duty of the employer to make the employees feel at home yet energized and motivated to keep it professional and work hard. The appearance of a work place has an impact on both the employees and the clients who come to visit. It sets an impression on what level of professionalism they are dealing with. If your office space is rather old and in need of a quick spruce up, read through for quick tips on the most important things to do.

Get Rid Of the Old Architecture

By this it means to change a few things around that will essentially take away the old look and present a more modern effortless look. Old bulky doors and windows are not in style anymore and they give an office a well clustered feeling and look. You can easily get commercial doors Melbourne installed. These doors take away the bulkiness and open up the space. You can get the sliding doors with more transparency which allows natural light to travel in.

De-Clutter Completely

This is absolutely essential for every office space. Clutter gets accumulated so fast that no one will even know what some of the stuff that are lying around are. Go through the clutter, check if anything important has been placed in the clutter pile and remove them. Add to the pile any unwanted old files or old magazines etc. Get rid of all the clutter and organize whatever is left. Encourage the staff to maintain neat and tidy office cubicles or tables with no clutter. If a client or anyone visits and witnesses the mess on any one of the staff’s desk, it will have a negative impression on the whole company non matter how neat and tidy the rest of the place is.

Light Up the Place

A dull office space is somewhere no one wants to be at. Add plenty of illumination to the office space but most importantly try to employ natural light for this. Have more open windows that are not covered or blocked.

Liven Up With Plants

Plants with their subtle touch of green add liveliness to any place and lift the spirits of the people around. You do not need to have many plants in your office space, just a few would do the trick, after all the more plants there are, the more work there will be in making sure they stay alive. Using natural plants work best but if you are in the situation where you absolutely cannot place a plant to be exposed to natural light, you may as well go for an artificial one.

Lastly, encourage everyone to smile often and enjoy the work they do.

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