How to Organize Your Office Ergonomically?

Ergonomics is the process of arranging the work space, furniture, products and devices to suit one’s individual need. Workplaces tend to be arranged in such a way that everyone regardless of their individual differences have to be able to adapt to that place which has shown to be quite ineffective.

Which is where ergonomics come into play. The workers comfortableness is very important when it comes to working in an office. Usually people working at an office spend half the day there sitting in front of a computer or craning their necks over documents resulting in many health related discomfort.

Staring right into the computer for a long time and bending the neck to fill up documents or proofreads is going to lead to problems like eye strain and neck strain that is going to have long term impact on the health. For any institution to run properly the workers over there should feel well for them to continue working efficiently, creating a space that Is ergonomically designed ensures workers working comfortably and efficiently for a long time for the smooth running of the institution.

It’s the small changes that plays a huge impact, the height of the desk, the flexibility of the chairs and the lighting making few changes in these areas can bring about a productive and pleasant workplace.


Different colours of lighting can bring different effects, too dim lights makes one unable to look around the surrounding and also makes it difficult to work with documents as it would be uncomfortable to read anything and straining to read only bringing about eye fatigue and tiredness,  on the other hand very bright light can also have the same effect leading to headache and eye fatigue.

So putting up light sufficient enough to provide good lighting that is easy on the eyes so there is no adverse effect to light would be very helpful. Daylight provides natural light from outside so having windows that let in this natural light provides an ergonomic workplace assessment by reducing stress, elevating mood, decreasing anxiety and increasing concentration.

It has been found that more exposure to sunlight the workers had good and longer sleep which ensures that they have a proper rest before work and it helps the body maintain the circadian rhythm and it has shown to increase the hormone called serotonin that is involved in keeping one’s mood and also to help be focused and calm. If your office doesn’t have a sufficient amount of facility to bring in natural light its best to allow short break so the workers can take a quick stroll outside to receive that dose of sunlight.


Plants are often placed inside the house to bring in freshness and calm one’s moo so placing plants around the office can also have a positive effect in improving the workspace. And plants have the ability to clean air and acts as a natural filter.


This is one of the important things to consider since employees and employers work at their desk and spend a long time sitting. When sitting at a desk it should be in such a height that the feet should touch the ground if not you can place a foot rest and when getting chairs make sure you get those padded chairs with adjustable height so it suits each one’s preference and avoid back ache.

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