Guide to Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is a relatively new service and has become hugely popular due to the versatility of the services that it offers. Simply put, you will be able to convert a digital photograph onto canvas art. This will make an interesting conversation starter and a great decoration to your home. The texture of the canvas gives a more unique outlook to the photograph.

The reason that canvas printing has become so popular is the way it displays the photo and how the light plays on the surface. It gives a different impression to the viewer and you can create more personalised artwork. Generally, a family photo or a photo of a loved one will not be considered art. But you can give new meaning to the photograph by putting it on a canvas which gives an entirely new meaning. It elevates the photograph to a work of art. There are also different ranges of quality that are offered for canvas printing. One of the premium printing solutions that are provided is giclee on canvas. The size and the pricing of the canvas printing also need to be considered when you are choosing a service provider. These prints will normally start from 8”x 10” size up to larger sizes like 40”x 60”. Different places will offer different sizing options. But the price may be steeper when it comes to customised sizing that is different from the standard sizes offered at the store.

The quality of the photo will determine the size that you can go for as well. A high quality photo can be converted to a bigger size canvas without any issue as the resolution will be high. A lower resolution will generally result in a smaller canvas size. The larger the canvas print is, the more you need to pay for it as there is more material and ink used. You can also see if you want the canvas in a rolled or framed format. A rolled canvas will not be stretched in a frame and this will be the cheaper option. A stretched canvas is smoothed out and fixed around a wooden frame. This will be more expensive. Many online and retail locations will offer canvas prints but it is best to look at their range of services as well as canvas framing options available before making a decision.

You may be able to make your own canvas print if you have a good printer that can handle thick paper but you will get a better quality finish with a service that specialises in canvas printing. You can also ask them about what can increase the durability of your canvas print. Generally, a coated or laminated print will be long lasting. If your print does not have a coat on it, it will fade a lot faster. You may not always be able to get a perfect rendition of the photo on a canvas mainly because of the texture and type of material you are printing on. This is not the purpose of a canvas print anyway as it is something that provides a more artistic look for your photos. But depending on the equipment used, the perfection you are looking for can be achieved. It is better to visit the studio and see some canvas prints in person so you can get a good understanding.

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