Fun Activities for Children with Autism

For children with autism, the kind of activities that they do can have a huge impact on their overall development. It will also help them engaged and occupied and help them develop a connection with their surroundings, which could be a relief for the parents. When looking at activities that could be used for this purpose, it is equally important to know more about the condition. So, what is autism spectrum disorder?

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder is a neuro developmental disorder and it affects how individuals communicate and interact, study and act. It is considered to be neuro developmental disorder as it generally occurs during the first two years of childhood, however it could be diagnosed at any stage of life. There is a variation in the in the way individuals experience the symptoms which is why it is known as autism spectrum disorder and not just autism.

The signs and symptoms of ASD

The individuals with this disorder may show deficits in communication such as making little or no eye contact with others, inability to respond when their name is heard,have trouble understanding other people’s point of view, inability to adjust to different social situations, repeating certain behaviours, being either more sensitive or less sensitive than others in terms of sensory output and many similar problems.

But they also display many strengths

While these deficits are commonly observed, it is also seen that some children with autism, have greater strengths such as excelling in mathematics, science and even aesthetic subjects like art and music. Therefore, as parents and caregivers what we should be doing is to help them overcome their weaknesses and improve their strengths and not necessarily ‘fix’ them. If you want to reduce the load of your child’s Brain train them with the following activities.

Some activities to do with them

As explained earlier there are many activities which are also called sensory activities since they have been developed to improve the sensorimotor functions of such children, can be used at home to help your child achieve their maximum potential. You can try activities like painting with food or even paint.

The advantage painting pictures with food such as melted chocolate, or any similar item has over painted with paint would be that if and when the child puts their hand into their mouth while playing it is still edible. However, painting with paint means you can introduce a lot of variations in terms of colours to the child.

Engaging in outdoor activities and structured play

Other than these, you can also consider doing a lot of outdoor activities with such children. Moreover, engaging in structured play with them would help them to improve skills such as sharing, and communicating with others which could eb immensely helpful for such individuals. Structured play is when an adult offers some sort of guidance and resources to the child who is playing as opposed to free play where the child engages in play according their own will with whatever they feel like playing with. If you are a parent with an autistic child at home, your occupational therapist may guide you on how to do these activities with your child at home in order to make sure that the child is receiving the support he needs.

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