Essential Supplies and Tools for a Sewing Hobby

When starting a new hobby, it can be confusing which tools you need to invest in. After all, you wouldn’t want to invest much on items that aren’t really necessary for the craft. Aside from that, it would also save a lot if you only shop those things that would be used a lot when you start your new hobby.

This is true to sewing as well. There are plenty of sewing supplies out there that it gets confusing which ones are necessary for starters. To help you out, here are the basic and most essential supplies and tools you need to prepare for a smooth and enjoyable sewing experience.

Sewing Machine

First of all, you’ll need a good sewing machine to get you started in the sewing hobby. You could either rent or buy one. However, if you’re planning to sew on a regular basis, having your own sewing machine is more convenient and cost-effective. For starters, look for a machine that could sew straight stitches as well as adjustable zigzag stitches. Those are the most essential stitches you’ll need for almost any sewing project.

Sewing Patterns

You might have some design ideas on top of your head but having a few sets of sewing patterns can help a lot especially when you start your first project. It can help you get used to using a sewing machine as well as the basic techniques in sewing. Check out the Pattern Emporium in Australia for sewing patterns for any level or skill.

Fabric and Fabric Scissors

Fabric is the main material you need to create your sewing projects. There are lots of fabric types to choose from but it is best to opt for non-slippery types when you’re still practicing. Aside from that, you’ll also need a pair of fabric scissors to cut those fabric smoothly. Regular scissors are different and won’t do well when used to cut fabric.

Needles and Thread

You’ll need to invest in quality and durable needles for your sewing machine. Different fabrics require different needle weights as well. For instance, if you’re sewing denim, a regular needle will surely snap if you use it. Aside from that, you’ll also need a set of needles in different sizes for parts that require hand stitching such as buttons, hooks, and many more. To use the needles, you’ll need thread basically. It also comes in different weights just like needles.

Pins and Pincushion

When sewing, you’ll need something to hold pieces of fabric together to keep your pattern as you sew. You’ll need a set of pins to do this and a pincushion to keep those pins intact in one place. Many dressmakers prefer pins that have balls on the head since they are easy to hold and use.

Measuring Tape

To get the right dimensions on your sewing project, you’ll need a measuring tape to do this job. Whether it is getting the wearer’s measurements or measuring fabric, this is the essential tool you’ll be using.

When you have all those basic supplies, you’re now ready to start your sewing hobby.

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