Essential Baking Tools Needed to Kick Start a Home Cake Business

It’s easy to turn our passion into small business these days using the variety of social media platforms. If your passion is to bake then you could go right ahead and open your very own baking page. Of course, when doing so, it’s important to have all the right tools in order to fulfil all the baking requirements and have a good and happy result that would please both you and the customers. Here are some of the essential tools you are going to need when it comes to baking.

Measuring cups and spoons

Baking recipes often require accurate measurements in order to achieve the perfect and well-cooked results. Measuring cups and spoons that are marked accordingly helps achieve precision. When using measuring spoons and cups, always remember to keep it dry when working with dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, etc.

Offset spatula

While silicon spatulas are important during a baking process, offset spatulas made of long and flexible metal is equally necessary for reasons such as loosening the edges of a cake from the pan or smoothening the icing around the cake. It even makes removing hot batches of cookie off the trays or sheets easy and safe.

Trays and pans

When it comes to baking, we know that we can’t simply put in any dish into the oven without care. Baking trays and pans are crucial to have. Baking pans come in various shapes and sizes allowing you to experiment with all kinds of creativity during the process. There are also separate trays and plates for cupcake and pie making.   

Pastry brush

This is a must have and is used for various reasons when it comes to baking and is not just limited to one recipe need. You can use it for spreading glaze or syrup on cake, egg wash pastries and buns or even spread butter and other needed grease on chicken and meat. A pastry brush ensures it all being evenly spread and every bit a tasty one.

Silicon mat

Silicon is a great material to withstand the heat and has a non-stick surface that makes things easily removable.  Mats with measurements in them help roll out dough or pipe macaroons correctly. They also make for great parchment sheet replacement. Silicon mats are not just easy to clean, but they help keep the baking process tidy too. 

Cooling rack

This is also known as a wire rack and is one of the greatest and helpful tools when it comes to cooling your freshly baked goodies without having to worry about either soggy or burnt results. Putting it directly into the fridge for cooling isn’t a healthy option, nor is continuing to keep it in the heated baking pan. A cooling rack is a worthy investment.


Having ramekins help you make individual portioned baked delicacies such as soufflés, lava cake, etc. they’re small dishes that are mostly glass or ceramic and definitely oven friendly. While having big baking pans and tray are useful and needed, having small ones like ramekins can be versatile and handy too.

Owning the above items can make your baking procedure a lot more organized and effortless.

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