Detail Your Mercedes-Benz like a Pro with These Steps

Car detailing is one of the basics in maintaining the look of your vehicle. It works like a makeover for your car which requires time, effort, and basic knowledge on how to do the detailing steps correctly. This process doesn’t just involve the exterior part of your car – it also includes maintaining and deep cleaning of your car’s interior. Here’s a quick guide on how to detail your car like a pro.

Start Detailing from the Inside

Just like when cleaning your home, detailing should also be done from the inside out. Check your car’s interior and clean all the areas and parts that needs cleaning – from car mats, seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and everything that is inside your car. Vacuum all the surfaces to remove loose dust and dirt. You can use Q-tips or compressed air to clean those hard to reach areas.

Check if there are anything stuck in the seats such as pens, candy wrappers, and other small stuffs that get caught in between the layers. After dry wiping everything, use a soapy cloth to clean those non-absorbent surfaces. Don’t forget to clean the windows using a newspaper for clearer and lesser streaks on its surface.

Detail the Exterior

After getting your car’s interior thoroughly clean, move to the next part which is the exterior. When you’re looking for a Mercedes car detailingMelbourne has one of the best service shop that offers great deals in their detailing packages.

It is important to wash your car regularly especially when it gets dirty quickly. However, it doesn’t just end in washing. There are still plenty of steps in detailing the exterior after a thorough wash. When the surface has already dried, the next step is to polish the paint. Polishing smoothens the outer surface of your car’s paint and covers up minor scratches and flaws on the paint job.

If there are still noticeable scratches or marks on the paint after polishing, you can touch it up using a spray can or paint pen as long as it is the same colour with the old paint. When everything has been dried, don’t forget to apply wax for that showroom-perfect shine. Apply wax using a soft cloth in circular motions and let it dry. Then, wipe it off again to remove the waxy bits and make your car’s exterior shiny like new. Wipe gently to avoid damaging the paint.

When you’re done with the big parts, it is time to pay attention to the minor details of your car. Polish the windows, mirrors, and don’t forget to clean the wheels too. You can use small brushes to clean small areas that can’t be reached by regular wiping and washing. To clean the wheels effectively, it is best to use a wheel cleaning product for that brand-new look.

If you’re a car owner, taking care of your car is one of the steps in making it look good and last longer.

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