Converting Boring Furniture into A Beautiful Artwork

Do you also have an old table at home, which is made up of wood? It just sits there from as long as you can remember? It is a hardened thing and was expensive to buy when it was bought some time back, therefore you are not really willing to give it away. However, it is very bland and doesn’t add anything to your living space. Therefore, you have decided to do something about it. No need to worry! You can now make it a beautiful table top which will leave people in awe.

Preparation of The Table

First you need to take the table outside and give it a good cleaning. Take a sandpaper and use it on the table until it is clear and no spots or humps are recognizable. Afterwards if you want you can wash it but remember to keep it in the sun until properly dried. Then you can take a good rubber paint of white colour and paint the table top to cover the whole of it.

If you like you can use the same thing to paint the legs and the sides of the table as well. This actually depends on what you are going to do with that top, what colours you are going to use in its design. After that, leave the table to dry and make sure where you keep it for drying will not have dirt, small pebbles or tree leaves etc. falling on it because now that the paint is wet. If dirt floats in, it will stick to the table top and that is going to make the next step difficult.

Choosing an Artwork

If you are an artist you can draw something on the table top. However, if you are into that sort of thing a boring, bland looking table wouldn’t have been in your house for a long time! Supposing you are a normal person who doesn’t have a specific skill in art or crafts, like me, you can try a general theme. For e.g. a sea or a sky theme with blues and whites. Make sure you have a picture to look at or you have a good mental image because if you get carried away, the final result might be messy.

Make sure you use internet and take a look at various artworks and designs before deciding on which one to use on the table. Once the design and how it could be painted on the table top is decided, you can mix the various colours of paint with resin. If you have a problem in finding that, just type art resin Australia into a search engine and you will find a supplier. Make sure you contact a reputable shop who has experience with arts and crafts so that they can give you some advice with the table as well.

Getting It Done

Now you can get to work! You have to be very careful with the paint. Remember the base you are working with. The table top is now white. Therefore, some paint you apply might not be as thick as you imagine. It is best if you test things out beforehand with another small wooden board with the blues and other colours on top of the white paint. Once you are done with the artwork, step back and take a look. And then look at the inspiration that you used, that is the actual photograph or the artwork.

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