Common Causes of a Faulty Hot Water System

A warm shower refreshes us early in the morning and helps us relax after a tiring day. Hot water has become an essential in today’s busy world. Imagine how disappointing it would be when cold water comes out after you turned on the hot tap. If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing this problem right now. Below are the most common causes of a faulty hot water system.

Power Cut

If your home hot water supply comes from an electric hot water system, the first thing you need to check is the power switchboard. Check if its power supply is good and it hasn’t flicked off. If it was turned off, you can simply switch it on. Always check if the water connection is working before turning it on. If the problem isn’t solved after troubleshooting it, call a professional to take a closer look at the unit.

Hot Water System Leak

Sometimes, a leak in the hot water supply could be the culprit. Valves normally leak a little but if you notice it’s too much, simply replace the leaking valves with new ones to lengthen the life of your hot water system and diminish water waste. If the hot water system’s cylinder is leaking, you might consider replacing the unit.

For electric hot water systems, watch out for leaks above or below it. Immediately disconnect it from the power source when this happens since direct water and electricity connection is extremely dangerous. For gas-powered hot water systems, turning off the gas supply is easy through its lever valve. It is important to isolate the water supply and cut-off the power source of your hot water system before dealing with leaks. Contact leak specialists such as National Leak Detection to closely inspect the system for leaks and other issues. Address leaks as soon as possible since they can get worse in just a couple of hours.

Faulty Thermostat

If you haven’t found any leak or external issues, then the problem might be inside. A faulty thermostat causes water not to heat up properly. Other times, it heats water in extreme temperature which could cause burns and scalding. If you experience these, turn of the system’s power supply and isolate the water source. Let a professional plumber inspect, repair or replace the hot water unit.

Pilot Light is Out

This is only applicable to gas-powered hot water systems. A storage tank is heated by the gas burner located underneath it. The pilot light is a small flame which continuously burns and lights the main burner when necessary. If the pilot light is out, gas can’t be lit on demand which then compromises the water heating process. You can easily relight it by following the simple steps found on the door of your hot water system.

Running out of hot water is really inconvenient especially when you’re preparing for a busy day at work. Whether the hot water system simply needs repair or replacement, contacting the experts is always the best thing to do.

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