Best Tips in Illuminating Your Home’s Exterior

With the good weather during this season, it’s just the best time to enjoy the outdoors with your family, friends, or even just by yourself in your home. There are plenty of great activities you could do outdoors during the summer months – from afternoon barbecues, backyard alfresco dinner, or just simply relaxing in the afternoon while enjoying the outdoor view from your porch.

To create a great outdoor ambience in your home, you need to install more outdoor lights aside from the regular ambient lighting you have. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your home’s outdoor lighting.

Determine the Light Needed

Before you go out and buy outdoor lights, observe your yard first and see how much light you’ll need. It all depends on how wide your yard is and what type of ambience you are trying to achieve. Aside from the ambient light, you’ll also need to install accent and other types of light to achieve the ambience that you want in your yard. If you’re not sure how much light your yard needs, you could use a lighting needs calculator to help you out.

Plan the Fixtures

After determining how much light your yard needs, it is now time to plan out what kind of fixtures you have to buy. Look around and spot the place where you want to place the outdoor lights. Then, keep in mind what size of lighting fixtures is the best to install on those areas. Be sure that it is not too big or too small for that area to achieve great results. Also, it is best to consider using LED lights since they consume less energy, helping you save in your outdoor lighting energy consumption.

Use the 3 Basic Lighting Types

When shopping for lighting fixtures, it is important that you use the 3 different light types altogether to create a perfect balance. Ambient lighting refers to the lights that illuminate the entire area such as wall light, light posts, industrial barn light, and other similar fixtures.

On the other hand, task lights provide more light on certain areas in your yard. Pathway lights and security lights are just some of the examples of this type of lighting. Lastly, accent lighting is used to focus light on specific points to add a dramatic effect in your yard. Solar spotlights and string lights are a few examples of accent lighting for the yard.

Install Subtle Lighting

If you have an outdoor dining or living area, you should also install subtle lighting in it aside from the regular ambient light. Subtle lights create a more relaxing ambience, perfect for dinners with guests or even just relaxing and enjoying the cool evening outdoors. There are plenty of ways to achieve this – from pendant lights, outdoor lanterns, and many more.

With great outdoor lighting, the fun never stops when the sun has already set. You could still have more fun or relax even more in your yard when you have a well illuminated yard.

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