4 Major Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo is a special type of grass mother-nature has gifted us with. It grows from the roots and when it gets chopped it grows back rapidly with a maturing period of three to five years. You are sure to find an abundance of bamboo in tropical regions with environments that are extremely temperate. You will also notice that bamboo does not require any extra assistance from pesticides to grow better. It also has a variety of advantages for the human world. Here are 4 notable benefits of bamboo:

1.      Lower Cholesterol, better appetite & Supports Diet

Bamboo is known for its ability to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol from the system. This in turn decreases the risk of attaining heart diseases as you age. In addition, if you are looking to gain weight, overcome pregnancy nausea or any other type of digestive issue, consuming bamboo increases your appetite.

This is because the plant holds a large amount of cellulose to stimulate an appetite and get your stomach rumbling. Finally, Bamboo is very supportive in terms of a low-carb diet. As it provides extensive nutrients with an extremely low amount of carbohydrate, making it easier for people on such a diet to get the nutrition they desperately need.

2.      Housing Sustainability

In today’s world over 1 billion individuals live in eco-friendly bamboo houses. A small amount of bamboo is actually sufficient enough to build a number of houses. Reducing timber consumption and avoiding trees from getting cut off. You can even get certain home appliances and products made out of bamboo.

Such toilet paper, bowls, spoons, toothbrushes and much more! In particular, this bamboo toilet paper is an innovative and practical way to be sustainable and eco-friendly. Normal toilet paper rolls are known for causing more pollution and harming the environment.

3.      Effective Medicine

Various countries will have a variety of bamboo growing in their regions. For instance, China obtains ingredients from the black hued bamboo shoot to support treatment given for kidney related issues. Similarly, in Indonesia water from the side branches on the bamboo is utilized to treat bone related diseases.

It can also be used to get rid of unwanted bacteria and reduce bacterial growth if anyone is fighting an infection. In addition, certain types of venereal diseases and cancers have also been treated using ingredients deriving from bamboo.

4.      Comfortable and Sustainable Clothing

Yes, cotton is comfortable, but have you tried bamboo hemp? Bamboo fabric is durable, practical, breathable and overall oozing with dream-like comfort. It is also thermal regulating and actually absorbs moisture way better compared to your everyday polyester clothes.

This can help in ensuring your clothes are dry and there are no unpleasant odours released when you are getting active. One of the biggest positives with this benefit, is that it is pretty much close to 100% sustainable and eco-friendly clothing. If you believe in preserving the environment, making a change and doing it stylishly, then be on the lookout for some fashionable bamboo clothes.

Make the switch to some bamboo living and reap these benefits.

Delsie Leff



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