3 Things to Consider When Planning a Fair

Setting up a fair, especially at a big event can be a difficult and time-consuming process therefore it is best to start the process early.

The Venue

Before you decide on the decorations and the theme for the event you first need to decide on the venue. Depending on the venue you can then select the decorations and furniture accordingly. For example, if the event you are hosting is a pop-up sale with a variety of vendors then you should pick a fairly big location which would be able to host each vendor comfortably. Before you begin the planning process and before you assign certain places for each vendor you should first carry out a thorough cleaning on the entire area. It would be best to start the cleaning process before the stalls are put up because if not there may be certain areas that do not get cleaned. If you are not sure where to find a good cleaning service you can look online for professional commercial cleaning Sydney services. Before you hire them however you should first look at how much the charges are and how long they would take to clean the entire area.

These two factors are important because when you are carrying out an event everything would need to be done within the budget and time frame that you are given. Therefore if the charges the cleaning service is asking for exceeds the budget that you have been given then you would have to make cut backs elsewhere for example, maybe on the decorations. Therefore it would be best to hire a service that falls within the given budget. You should also make sure the cleaning service will be able to get the job done within the time period given to them because if not you may find yourself falling short on time.

The Theme

When you are hosting many vendors who are showcasing a variety of products it can be difficult to create one common theme. Therefore depending on the occasion of the sale you can create a theme accordingly. For example, if the sale is occurring during Christmas then you can opt to have a Christmas theme such as a Christmas market.

The Setup

Before selecting the area for each vendor you should first take into account the products each stall is selling, as some products may be bigger than other stalls and therefore may require more room. It would be best if you were you select an area for each vendor instead of letting the vendors select the areas that they want. Allowing the vendors to pick the areas they want could lead to conflicts between vendors. Therefore if you were to tell everyone where to set up it can avoid unnecessary conflicts. Before you decide on an area though you should check with each vendor if they are bringing their own furniture and if so you should check on how big or small the pieces of furniture are so then you can assign an appropriate space.

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