Great example of email marketing

I was in Borders on Saturday, first time in their new store. What they do with email marketing is a great example for any business.

At the checkout, I was asked if I wanted to join the email list as they sent out offers from time to time. Simple, and effective.

On Monday morning, this arrived in my email:

What I really like about this approach is:

  • it was quick and easy to get involved (I just told them my email address and they wrote it down for me)
  • the turnaround was excellent
  • the offer itself was simple and powerful – 20% off another book, if I update my profile with favourite subjects

So they make me an offer in return for getting better information, that they will use to personalise their email in the future.

And if you think this type of email marketing must cost a bomb, it doesn’t. Small companies can start using email marketing just as effectively. Sure Borders have some fancy graphics, but that isn’t really that important. They’ve put together a good offer, targetted at the right person (me!) and executed with speed.

Small business has a fantastic opportunity with email marketing – are you building your own verified opt-in email lists and using email marketing effectively? If not, its a great time to look into it and perhaps start a trial.

Delsie Leff

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